Getting Started
React Native Social Networking With Backend App

What is it?

Pencilr is a Full stack social networking mobile app built with React Native, Nodejs, Firebase, Express and TypeScript for static type-checking. The app is implemented using functional components, react hooks (useState, useEffect, useContext, useReducer, useRef , ...etc), and Context-API for state management. It includes a backend REST API built with cloud firestore, cloud functions and includes features like Facebook auth, uploading images, notifications, and much more.
Whether you are building a fully featured social networking app, online magazine, news, or story segments app, pencilr can serve as a starting point for your project or business idea.

Quick Test

Before you purchase the app, you have to first try it and test it on Expo App Store.
    Download Expo Client on your android/iOS device from here
    Open your phone camera and scan the following QR code (Android Only) . For iOS, please drop me a message at [email protected] to help you out testing the app on iOS devices:
Scan to open (Android Only)
    Expo Client will run the app for you to test and play with.
    You are ready to go!
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